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National School Safety Task Force

The National School Safety Task Force or NSSTF was created in 2000, when the White House contacted Dale Yeager, of SERAPH, and asked him to assemble a team of researchers.


Their goal was to create a report on school safety in response to the Columbine massacre. It was called "The State of School Safety in American Schools" Since, then the NSSTF produced two additional reports for the government between 2000 to 2007. Now, they continue their work providing research and advocating for changes to the national education system secure and accountable.

Our mission is to achieve these goals

  • A national campaign to educate the public and political leaders on the real issues behind school safety failures and how to resolve them.

  • To seek the action of state Attorney Generals and U.S. Attorneys to prosecute school leadership who violate special education laws and child welfare laws.

  • To enact a federal requirement for state departments of education to enforce laws regarding ongoing training and school safety plan implementation.


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