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College Campus Safety

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SERAPH SCHOOL SERVICES provides problem solving for University and Campus Administrators.

We cover all aspects of security / safety:

Student Aggression & Violence

Absenteeism and Lateness of employees

Sexual Aggression Issues

Effective Emergency Response

Liability Reduction

Conduct investigations into student or employee disciplinary matters.

SERAPH provides security and  safety training and consulting to more than 26,000 schools and higher education entities in the U.S. In the beginning of 2000 Congress tasked SERAPH with providing a “State of School Safety in America” report to them every two years.


The University and Campus Safety Management Training program teaches participants to think differently about negative human behavior by introducing them to a usable form of forensic psychology. The program model is based on prevention and assessment techniques.

Participants are trained in new tactics to assess and prevent the following problems:

  • Understanding the Mind of Disruptive and Aggressive Individuals
  • Eliminating Aggressive and Disruptive Cliques or Groups
  • How to Verbally Control Aggressive Visitors
  • Threat Assessment
  • Sexual Assault And Harassment – Is It Happening and How Can It Be Controlled?
  • Weapons Use and Possession – Assessment and Elimination


EPRT provides the participants with a complete curriculum of emergency assessment and resolution protocol.

Participants will be provided with two elements of emergency response.

  1. The first will be assessment skills to predict or detect an emergency before it is fully developed. This portion of the training develops the skill set of early detection of a crisis, which allows for early response by police or emergency personnel.
  2. The second will be specific action plans for specific emergencies. Participants will learn how to eliminate negative cliques in school environments.