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Live Venue Security


SERAPH is a specialized consulting and training firm established in 1999. For the past 25 years, SERAPH has provided security management design, training, and implementation for the leaders in the entertainment – live venue world.


  • House of Blues

  • Live Nation Corporation

  • SBE Entertainment Group

  • Lucky Strike Entertainment

  • Gaylord Hotels

  • Ryman Hospitality Properties

  • The Oncenter – Pirro Convention Center.

SERAPH has reduced liability, increased profitability, and mitigated government intervention for our clients.

What Clients Say About SERAPH Effectiveness

“Dale Yeager has offered me several successes within the House of Blues and SBE. His results speak for themselves, he reduces issues which results in cost savings. Dale and his team offer a state-of-the-art training program that our staff and managers could understand and implement.”  

Arich Berghammer, LIVE NATION

“Through a driven focus on prevention, assessment, and effective resolution, Dale has continued to prove his passion for safety and risk management throughout his diverse consultation experiences. His security and operations management knowledge is clear, as evidenced by the strategies developed and implemented throughout the House of Blues clubs. The implementation of SERAPH’s strategies has provided an even greater return through the limitation of liabilities and increased safety for both HOB employees and guests. I highly recommend both Dale and SERAPH for any organization seeking to effectively and safely manage groups or high-risk scenarios.”

Dan Barbey, CLEP, CLMC, Director of Operational Strategy at PEC

“Dale and his team from Seraph have on more than one occasion been an active part of the training and implementation of safety and security procedures for several of my security details throughout several of the operations I've managed. His input and professionalism in the event securities field are well-known and a basis for key operational objectives in many of the venues I work. Not only does he have a great work ethic but an equally great personality that allows his students to relax during the training process and absorb as much information as possible. His classes are insightful and his follow-up is always appreciated. He stays current with all information providing potential threat assessments, updated training criteria, and new classes to benefit from. Dale Yeager is a benefit on multiple levels to whoever contracts him and his organization.”

Chance Fullerton, Director of Operations - Elsewhere Brooklyn


Business Meeting

“Security can be a profit center in any type of business”

In the management of a nightclub, concert facility, or entertainment venue, managing aggression and emergencies can be a daunting job.

The SERAPH E.V.R.M. Program provides venue management with specialized capabilities to turn managers and security staff into a cohesive team of professionals who can Predict and Prevent facility-based crime and emergencies.

SERAPH provides a three-phase process for the development of a “model” security management system.



PHASE 1: Security Management Assessment


SERAPH performs an onsite assessment of the management policies and performance of security team members and managers.




  • The assessment allows the SERAPH team to understand the specific security processes of each venue and which processes may be creating liability exposure.


  • With this information, the SERAPH team will take our existing training programs and customize them to the specific corporate policies of the parent company, to develop a customized training program.

PHASE 2: Security Management Training


Onsite training sessions are provided, to bring the security and management team members to a new level of security management.


  • Improved teamwork

  • Decrease in liability exposure

  • Improved management

  • Profitability increase

  • Process for maintaining positive relationships with local municipalities

PHASE 3: Train the Trainer Program


To build capacity within the company SERAPH provides a progressive certification program for select members of the security and management teams.




  • Increased practice by security and management team members

  • Defense in legal actions

  • Reduces long-term training costs



7 Ways Security Management Can Put Money into Your Bottom Line

By Dale Yeager


 Legendary management sage Peter Drucker once said, “Management is doing things right; leadership is doing the right things.”


In the operation of any business, management decisions have a direct effect on profitability. In 1996, the SERAPH executive team design a new approach to security management. Using the organizational concepts of Peter Drucker and the human behavior models of forensic psychology, we designed a new form of security management.

Twenty-seven years later, our Business Shield program has consistently increased profitability in our client’s organizations.

  1. Liability Reduction = Insurance Cost Decrease – With improvements in the prevention of internal theft, financial misconduct, accidents, and other crimes, companies can negotiate a reduction in their liability insurance premiums.

  2. Reduction of Legal Costs – Proper security management also reduces the outlay of funds for legal representation and costly lawsuits.

  3. Retention of Good Employees – Good employees and managers have options. They will not stay in a dysfunctional company. Conflicts, theft, and other issues create chaos. The loss of these valuable people will hurt the bottom line of any business.

  4. Prevention of Public Scandal = Retention of Customers – Security-related issues cause scandal. The end result is that customers will not patronize and degraded the facility.

  5. Improved Productivity = Increased Profit – “A well-managed company is a safe company.” Security management improves overall management. Management has a direct effect on costs.

  6. Reduction of Employee Turnover = Cost Savings – The hiring, discipline, and firing of an employee cost money. For businesses, the outlay in unrecoverable funds is on average $10,000 to $15,000. As Peter Drucker once said, “You don’t hire good employees; you hire good people and train them to be good employees”.

  7. Reduction of Worker Compensation Claims – Mitigate bad and illegal behaviors and reduce workers comp claims.


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