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Image by Felix Rostig

SERAPH Travel Safety Program

The SERAPH TRAVEL SAFETY PROGRAM provides a comprehensive training program for government, business, and education professionals to travel safely on short or extended stay trips.

The program takes the participant through a training process which addresses key issues of safety such as understanding personal psychological issues which feed panic response. Tools to control the mind and body for improved decision making and response. Understanding cultural differences as they relate to safety assessment.  And finally, a complete and simple travel safety planning tool.


  • Participants Will Learn “Real World” Techniques for The Predication of Safety and Security Problems Before They Occur.

  • Easy To Use Daily Travel Safety Protocols.

  • Dealing With Medical Emergencies While Traveling.

  • Understanding Threat Assessment in The Context of Cultural Norms.

  • Profiling Potentially Threatening People and How to Manage Them with Verbal Skills and Psychological Skills.


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