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Law Enforcement

SERAPH Law Enforcement Training

SERAPH has been providing world-class Law Enforcement and Military training for more than 20 years. Our staff includes Federal Special Agents, and Military Intelligence officers with real world experience who provide unique problem solving for local, state and Federal Law Enforcement needs.

SERAPH provides ongoing training for the New York / New Jersey HIDTA & Puerto Rico / Virgin Islands HIDTA [High Intensity Drug Trafficking Areas] and the MAGLOCLEN [Middle Atlantic-Great Lakes Organized Crime Law Enforcement Network] as well as numerous state and regional Police associations.

SERAPH has trained over 250,000 local, state and Federal Law Enforcement professionals.

What LEOs are saying about SERAPH Law Enforcement Training.

“I felt there were a large number of tools given to us by the instructor which could be used to make interviews and interrogations a lot more effective. I am looking forward to Mr. Yeager’s two-day course.”

“Mr. Dale Yeager is a superb instructor and has a high knowledge of the subject. His mannerism in speaking to the audience was excellent and he incorporated humor into this lesson plan which made the class even much more interesting. He answered every question fully and in detail, making sure every person in the room understood. Mr. Yeager spoke to the class members on a personal level which made me and my fellow officer comfortable. I would highly recommend this course to everyone.”

“The class was laid out perfectly and was very interesting. Mr. Yeager was very energetic which made the class fun and knew the topic in and out. Great class and I would love to take another class with him shortly.”

“All of my training classes have been hands on and tactical. I rarely attend a class that is like this one. I have to say this was one of the best trainings I have ever gotten in my 24 yrs on the job. EXCELLENT, EXCELLENT JOB!”

“Dale was an encyclopedia of law enforcement anecdotes. He is very knowledgeable and a great communicator.”

“The course was very well put together. The different topics brought a different view and understanding of how people think and influence their actions. We come in contact with many people in our career that having a broad understanding of people’s ideologies and cultures could help us understand them a little better.”

V.I.V.A. Verbal Intervention and Violence Assessment

In the daily operation of a law enforcement unit, investigators and agents encounter various situations where the ability to quickly assess potential violence or truthfulness is important. This unique course offers new methods for the detection of aggression, deception, and alternative motives of suspects in a variety of circumstances.

V.I.V.A. Verbal Intervention and Violence Assessment: ADVANCED INTERVIEW & INTERROGATION

This unique course offers new methods to understand the personalities and behaviors of witnesses and suspects and using that information to gather accurate evidence. This is an ACTION LAB with several interactive drills for skill development.

In 1996, the V.I.V.A. system of Threat Profiling and Psychological Tactics was developed by Criminal Analyst – Dale Yeager and retired Secret Service Special Agent – Sam Sulliman.

LESS THAN LETHAL TACTICS TRAINING: A New Approach to Solving Problems Related to the Control of Individuals and Groups

During the daily operation of a law enforcement organization, officers, detectives, and special agents encounter individuals and groups of people who are aggressive and require control tactics.

Many law enforcement professionals find that standard control tactics are not working in all situations. The SERAPH Less Than Lethal Tactics Training program provides new usable approaches to this serious problem.

The program was design by SERAPH VP of Protection Services – Keith Mazza. Mr. Mazza has been a SME for various organizations since 1995, including the U.S. Naval Special Warfare Command, U.S. Marine Corps, and the U.S. Army Special Operations Command.

THE FORGOTTEN DOMESTIC TERRORISTS: Radical Left-Wing Groups in America

Law enforcement agencies in the U.S. are facing an increasing threat from political left social / political movements such as BLM, Antifa, Direction Action, and others.

Including these groups in daily intelligence gathering and interdiction policy is critical to safe communities.


Understanding Sexual Issues and Their Implications in Drug Interdiction, Gang Management, Interrogation and Daily Police Operations.

In the daily operation of a law enforcement unit, officers and agents encounter violent and aggressive children and adults. Many of these individuals have deeply rooted sexual aggression issues.


The rise of negative behavior youth movements such as Straight Edge and the Juggalos are affecting school safety in every community in America. Traditional cliques are now becoming more organized, and the influence of national youth movements has created a national clique network.

Suburban and rural schools are particularly affected by this growing problem. Also, many traditional street gangs are using similar tactics to recruit in nontraditional areas such as the suburbs and rural areas.

EVENT MANAGEMENT: Emergency Response, Aggression Control and Prevention

SERAPH provides a comprehensive program for the management of public events or short projects.

A two-pronged approach assures that the event will have reduced liability through improved security management. Pre-event assessment of security management needs is performed by the SERAPH team and a plan of action is designed to create continuity among security, law enforcement, EMS, and event management. Finally, training is performed to apply a standardized system to the security management of the event.


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