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Medical Malpractice

Life Care Plan Cost Reduction

The defense of doctors in medical malpractice cases involving children [birth injury lawsuit], requires a unique understanding of special needs disability laws and services. SERAPH can assist attorneys in understanding federal, state and county laws such as Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA).

Life Care Plan: Cost of care determination – for the lifetime of the child – requires an understanding of all services legally provide by federal, state and county agencies.


SERAPH will provide a consultant’s report outlining:

  • Care services for special needs children by the Federal government, state government and the county the child resides in.

  • Qualified information regarding how these medical and support services are provided to children directly and through their LEA [Local education agency].

  • Understanding of financial requirements for these services.

  • Assessment of school documents related to this child to determine whether these documents meet federal [IDEA] requirements.


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