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Truancy Services


A Complete Assessment of All Truancy, Lateness, Tardiness Policies within Schools or Districts

Phase 1

Research and Preliminary Assessment of Crime, Social Issues and Population Growth.

Phase 2

On-site Physical Assessment and Interview

Understanding the sheer devastation caused by Absenteeism, Tardiness and Lateness on the overall Safety and Security of a School System and the community it serves.

Understanding its economic impact on the School and Community.

How truancy directly feeds negative behavior cliques in schools.

How to identify and resolve problems with lateness and absenteeism with parents, students and staff.

Why and how to easily collect, collate and analyze data to improve the conditions for success in your school.

Why and how to effectively and appropriately intervene with parents, teachers, boards, Social Service agencies, media and students in an all-out attack on Absenteeism, Tardiness and Lateness.

Phase 3

Report Design and Live Report Review for School Board or Safety Committees

Phase 4

Follow-up assessment of the action plans to identify progress on the clearly established and agreed upon bench mark data.