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Legal – Attorney Services

SERAPH serves the BusinessLegal and Financial communities by performing due diligence for contemplated transactions and by providing litigation support, fact-finding and asset searches for bankruptcies, divorce, judgments, theft, investor fraud or defaulted loans.

  • Embezzlement Investigations

  • Background Checks

  • Employee-Related Investigations

  • Litigation Support and Pretrial Investigations

  • Due Diligence Investigation




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What makes Seraph better?

The SERAPH LEGAL TEAM is composed of former Federal Investigators and Military Intelligence officers with extensive government, corporate and court experience.

Litigation Support

EXPERIENCED Expert Witnesses

SERAPH provides expert witnesses in the areas of:

  • Crimes or accidents in Schools and Education facilities. K-12, Colleges and Universities.

  • Crimes or accidents in Bars, Nightclubs, or Sports Arenas.

Our experts are regular legal contributors for clients of TASA Group and Round Table Group Thomson Reuters Expert Witness Services.

Due Diligence Invesigations

We perform extensive due diligence for clients who need comprehensive background information about new business relationships and prospective partners in mergers and acquisitions, joint ventures, venture capital investments, franchises and large loan transactions.

Using global resources, SERAPH does in-depth research to provide confidential and timely information about the business history, resources, credentials and reputation of parties in impending transactions and to confirm all material that has been provided by the parties.


Asset Search And Recovery

SERAPH has developed the unique capability to locate assets that have been hidden from collection.

Where collection of a judgment is involved, we work as a team with legal counsel to use our experience and resources to assist in locating any and all assets.

Harrassment Relief 

SERAPH’s team of experts provides assistance to individuals and families with threats from stalking and harassment. We provide expert advice and counsel and can assist you in the resolution of your problem. SERAPH has more than 19 years of experience with threat assessment and resolution.

  • Workplace Harassment

  • Stalkers And Threats

  • Harassment Threats By Former Spouses

  • Harassment Threats By Former Employees

  • Harassment Threats by former employers

Federal Level FoRENSICS Accounting

SERAPH provides Federal Law Enforcement experienced Forensic Accounting professionals for litigation support, investigations and expert witness services.

Our Forensic Accounting experts have decades of experience investigation Federal white collar crime cases for the U.S. Secret Service, FBI, U.S. Attorneys’ office and The U.S. Department of Justice.

SERAPH Forensic Accounting experts can provide the following services:

  • Fraud Detection

  • Money Laundering

  • Expert Witness Testimony

  • Discovery

  • Financial Investigations

  • Due Diligence

Divorce Legal Help

SERAPH provides legal support for individuals in the process of divorce. SERAPH provides divorce support with experts in divorce law who can assist in finding hidden money or assets.


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