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SERAPH redefines Litigation Support and the role of Expert Witness.

From Interrogatories to Case Strategy to Depositions, SERAPH provides unique and effective tools to Attorneys and Litigators.

SERAPH provides Expert Witness in the areas of:

Crimes or accidents in Schools and Education facilities. K-12 Public and Private Schools.


IDEA, IEP, Individualized Education Plan, U.S. Department of Education, United States Department of Justice, USDOE, access control system, conflict resolution, crisis intervention, cyber bullying policy, ADA, conflict resolution, contractor policies, crisis intervention, cyber bullying policy, gang related policies, HIB, HIB policy and procedures, HVAC, IDF, MDF, NFPA 13 compliance, NFPA 72, NIMS, overall chain of custody policy, parent student reunification policy, peer mediation policy, School Administrators, school district safety, school safety audit, security assessment, SSIR, student transportation policy, surveillance systems, visitor management system

Crimes or accidents in Bars, Nightclubs, Live Events or Sports Arenas.

ADA, Traffic control, security, security plan, severe weather, Police, security guards, Fire Rescue, crowd surfing, gangs, EMA, Emergency Response, EMS / Rescue Personnel, EVVRS, fire extinguisher, fire personnel, fire systems,